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Benefits of Hiring a Dog Walker

Benefits of Hiring a Dog Walker


As a dog owner, the health and welfare of your dog will probably be one of your highest priorities. While we all strive to do the best that we can for our pets, sometimes life can get in the way, and we all need a little help at times. This is where you can take advantage of the several benefits of hiring a dog walker.

Perhaps you have never considered paying for a dog walking service, and even if you have, you may have questions that you are unsure about. One of the main questions is to ask yourself, is usually, Do I need a dog walker? and if I do, What Makes a Good Dog Walker?

If you have ample time on your hands and your dog gets walked every day, then that’s fair enough, you may not have any good reason to hire a dog walker.

However, there will be times when you cannot devote the time or the effort to take your dog for a walk. If you find yourself in this position then you should seriously consider hiring a dog walker for the simple reason that your dog needs to be walked regularly so that its mental and physical health does not suffer. Below are several reasons which will give you an insight into the benefits of hiring a dog walker.

How Hiring A Dog Walker Helps You


Hiring a Dog Walker Saves You Time

Dog Walking ServiceIn this day and age, there is no doubt that our most precious commodity is time, and you probably don’t need me to tell you that there never seems to be enough of it. It seems weird that there is so much technology out there that is meant to make our lives easier and provide us with more time, but the exact opposite seems to be the case. We live in a busy world, and walking our dogs eats into whatever little time we have. Walking your dog is not something you should ever resent or grumble about because of any other commitments you may have. Your pet needs this regardless of how busy you might be.

Hiring a professional dog walker can free up some time for you and allow you to get on with other things that may require your attention. Maybe a free hour doesn’t seem like a lot on the face of it, but what if you have to work late? Pick up the kids from school? Go shopping? Have an appointment? What if there is an emergency? Need to do some chores? Go out with a partner? Or just feel too tired on that particular day to walk your dog? A professional dog walker can help you by ensuring that your dog is getting all the exercise that it needs while you get some extra time to relax a little or do something else that needs doing.


No More Guilt For Not Walking Your Dog

I would imagine that many people have found themselves in a position where they have been unable to walk their dog for one reason or another.

Imagine the scene – Your dog comes up to you because it knows that it’s the time that you usually go out together. He or she looks into your eyes with anticipation, but you know that you have to disappoint your pet at this particular time. You love your dog; it’s a member of your family, and just like any other member of your family, disappointing them is going to make you feel bad.

These feelings of guilt can stay with you all day. This, in turn, will cause you a certain level of stress. Using a dog walker relieves you of any guilt and eases your conscience because you know that your pet is still going to get the stimulation and exercise that it needs, regardless of whatever has suddenly cropped up in your world.


Physically Unable to Walk Your Dog

Lack of time is not the only issue that can prevent you from walking your dog. Everybody gets ill at some point, and in a situation like this, it can be very challenging to take your dog out. Your eyes are squinted and watering, your throat is sore with a taste of something unholy in it, your head is throbbing, and your pet is sitting in front of you, with excitement in its eyes, its leash in its mouth, and wagging its tail.

Your dog doesn’t know that you have the flu, yeah sure, it may think that you look a bit strange today, but so do most humans. Do you really want to disappoint that face? No matter how bad you feel, it doesn’t change the fact that your dog still needs its exercise. A dog walking service can prove to be invaluable at a time like this.

Every day people are involved in accidents. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, but there is no denying that it happens. Hopefully, you will never find yourself in such a position, but if you do, your dog still needs its exercise. When you can’t do it, your dog walker will be able to.

I have had clients who are no longer able to walk their dogs because age has physically left them unable to do so. Some of my clients used to love taking their dogs out, but age and related illnesses have left them in a position where they can no longer walk their dogs. It is a significant weight off their shoulders, knowing that their precious pets are still getting the exercise that they need, even if they are no longer the people providing it.


Learn More About Your Dog

Professional dog walkers will have a considerable sum of knowledge about dogs. Not only do they walk a variety of different breeds, they learn a lot about the body language and habits of our canine friends. You may be wondering what this has to do with you hiring a dog walker. Well, listen up.

You may know your dog pretty well. Its personality, characteristics, and habits may be familiar to you. However, there may be some things that you might be missing about your pet. A fresh pair of eyes of an experienced dog walker may pick up something you may have missed or weren’t aware of it being a problem.

Your dog may have behaviors that you don’t fully understand, but a dog walker might have seen the same habits in other dogs and may have an explanation as to why your dog does what it does.

Your dog may have a health issue that is still in its infancy, something that you may not have noticed yet. A professional dog walker is no vet, but they may detect something that they have seen in other dogs and alert you to a potential health problem early on and before it worsens.

In conclusion, learning more about your dog is another good reason you should hire a dog walker.

Benefits of Hiring a Dog Walker For Your Dog’s Physical Health


Hiring a dog walker to walk your dog can provide many positive benefits for your dog. These can range from physical health, mental health, and to correct possible issues with behavioral problems. Below we can look at a brief breakdown of why walking your dog is essential and necessary.


Physical Health Benefits of Walking Your Dog

health benefits of walking your dogThe effects of not walking your dog can result in several health issues arising over time, some of which can be serious. The fact is that dogs need exercise to stay healthy. Some dogs may need more, and others might need less, but all dogs need walking. Studies show that more and more dogs are becoming obese, and just like humans, it can lead to a variety of severe health problems. Take a look at some of the health issues that your dog may have to deal with if it isn’t getting the exercise that it needs.


Weight Management For Your Dog

The more exercise that your dog gets, the leaner it will stay. Being overweight is not a natural state for your dog. It is easy to discover online what the weight level should be for your particular breed of dog. A few pounds either way is not much of an issue. It becomes a problem when it becomes more than a few pounds. Walking your dog regularly will ensure that it burns plenty of calories and stays at a weight level that your breed should be. If you don’t have the time to walk your dog on a regular basis, hiring a dog walker will benefit your dog by keeping it lean and alert instead of overweight and sluggish.


Cardiovascular Health Problems

You don’t need to be an expert to understand that a lack of exercise will be detrimental to the health of the lungs. At some point, the body’s ability to use oxygen effectively may also be reduced. We just need to look at ourselves when it comes to cardiovascular health. How many times do you find yourself breathless climbing the stairs or running for a bus because you don’t get the exercise you need? It is no different for your dog (apart from running for the bus part).


Prevent Joint and Muscle Weakness

We have all heard the saying, “Use it or Lose it.” Lack of use makes a muscle weaker and places more pressure on the joints, potentially leading to arthritis as the dog gets older. Weak muscles and weak joints can eventually weaken bones and lead to Osteoporosis and making your dog more prone to injury. The stronger the muscles that your dog has, the less pressure is placed on the joints and bones. How do you make your dog’s muscles stronger? Yes, you’ve guessed it, give yourself a point; plenty of exercise!


Coronary Heart Disease

Heart problems can be a real possibility if your dog is not engaged in regular physical activity. Just like a muscle, the heart becomes weaker if it isn’t used to its full potential. If a dog is overweight, it places even more stress on an already weakened heart.


More Dog Health Issues

The health problems listed above can be bad enough, but it doesn’t just stop there. Oh yes, there’s more to look forward to if you do not cater to your dog’s exercise needs. Lack of physical activity can reduce the chances of your dog combating any potential infections due to a weakened immune system. Not walking your dog can lead to digestive problems. A healthy digestive system can help ward off other possible diseases. A less than healthy lifestyle may also increase the chances of your dog developing cancer of one sort or another. As you can see, the benefits of hiring a professional dog walker are many in regards to the physical health of your dog, especially if you are in a position where you can’t give your dog the full commitment that it deserves.


A Healthy Dog Saves You Money

The healthier your dog is, the fewer visits you will need to make to the vet. Medications and treatments all add up and can hit your pocket hard. Keeping your dog well exercised and fit is going to save you money in the long term. On top of that, your dog will live longer if it is kept healthy.

Benefits of Hiring a Dog Walker For Your Dog’s Mental Health


Stimulating Your Dog’s Mind

canine social skillsKeeping your dog’s mind active will promote good mental health. This can be achieved by giving your dog new experiences while he or she is out with you or a dog walker that you have hired. Dogs are intelligent and curious creatures, and new experiences will challenge their minds. When your dog goes for a walk, it is a good idea to take it somewhere different from what it is familiar with. Your dog will encounter new sights, sounds, and smells that will positively stimulate its mind and natural curiosity.


Your Dog’s Emotional Health

Your dog can suffer from anxiety, stress, and even depression if it spends most of its time cooped up in the house. Dogs are never happier than when they are out exploring, sniffing, and running. Even more so if they are out with a person that they love and can engage with, if this can’t be you, rest assured that it can be your dog walker once a bond has been formed. Walking and exercising your dog regularly will keep your dog happy, and as dog owners, we all want our pets to be happy.


Walking Can Prevent Destructive Dog Behavior

The fact is, just like us, dogs can become bored. To prevent this, you need to make life more interesting for him or her through walking, playing, and running. Keep in mind that your dog is not misbehaving or being destructive because they don’t like you or are being spiteful because your dinner looked more delicious than theirs did. In many cases, dogs will act up because they feel bored, anxious, and frustrated.

Remember that your dog has a certain level of energy that it needs to release, and it needs to release it somewhere. Walking and exercising your dog takes care of this problem. If, on the other hand, your dog is not getting the exercise and stimulation that it needs, this pent up energy needs to be released elsewhere. Unfortunately, this elsewhere can be your belongings and your house.

If your dog is being destructive in the home by chewing furniture or anything else it can get its teeth into, it is trying to tell you something, but you aren’t listening. In many cases, increasing your dog’s physical activity may help reduce any behavioral issues that may be occurring. I’m not saying that this will be true in every case, but often dog owners will see an improvement in their dog’s behavior by simply exercising them more.


Improve Your Dog’s Social Behavior

It is essential to teach your dog social skills where other dogs and people are concerned. Walking your dog on a regular basis will allow your dog to get used to other dogs and people over time. It is best to teach your dog these skills when it is young, as, in some breeds, it can become more difficult as they grow older, but not impossible.

Teaching your dog to get along with others will improve your dog’s confidence and reduce anxiety levels to the point where it no longer feels threatened by the approach of a stranger or another dog. The benefits of socializing your dog include not getting into fights with other dogs or attempting to bite or bark at every stranger that it comes across. An experienced dog walker should have the skills and knowledge on how to teach your dog some social skills regardless of its age. Once again, the benefits of hiring a dog walker may do wonders for your dog’s behavior and emotional health.


I hope that the information provided here has been helpful and given you a deeper insight as to why exercising and walking is vital for your pet’s overall well-being. We all want our dogs to have the best life possible and they rely fully on us as owners to provide this life. I understand that life gets in the way sometimes. If there are times that you are unable to provide the exercise that your dog needs, it doesn’t mean that you are a terrible person. Don’t beat yourself up about it, focus on looking for a solution.

There are obvious benefits of hiring a dog walker to take the slack. However, if you can’t afford it and you can’t do it, ask friends or family who live nearby if they could do it because, for whatever reason, you just can’t at this point.

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After Walking Your Dog

Your dog will come back home feeling content, happy, and a little tired. Don't be surprised if you hear snoring coming from your dog's basket at some point. Exercise not only stimulates your dog physically, but it also provides mental stimulation. New sights, sounds, and smells are what a dog lives for and this is exactly what I will provide. On top of that, I am always glad to spend a little time after the walk to have a conversation in letting you know how everything went.

I can assure you that your dog’s well-being will always be my highest priority. I want everyone in this relationship to be happy. Anything less would not be in either of our interests.

Most of the questions that you may have of my Dog Walking Service or of me as a Dog Walker can be found on the FAQs Page.

If there is anything else that you are unsure of, you can contact me either through my Contact Page or you can message me on Facebook.

Walking Your Dog

Fortunately, the local area has numerous places for a dog walker to explore. Having lived in Trimdon for most of my life, I can safely say that I know the area well. We are surrounded by countryside, fields, parks, and nature trails. I am a firm believer that dogs and nature go hand-in-hand.

I will limit as much as possible the time that your dog has to spend walking along a pavement next to a busy road. Your dog’s senses will be challenged far more by natural surroundings and the sounds and smells that places such as this offer.

I already have a number of very good routes that I use for dog walking, but if you or your dog have any preferences I will be more than happy to follow your instructions.

One on One Dog Walking Service

Some dog walking services take dogs for walks in groups. While in general, there is nothing wrong with this, and I would earn more money by following this path, I only take one dog at a time. There are a few reasons why I decided on this approach.


All my time and attention will be fully focused on your dog and not anybody else’s.
Your dog and I will be able to bond in less time while we are out walking and playing together.
Some dogs can be nervous around other dogs.
Dogs are not always going to get along, and there is still a chance that individual dogs may be aggressive to other dogs in a group.


I want your dog to know that while we are out, he or she is the most important thing to me during that time. You and I know that the one thing that dogs love is attention, and your dog will get all it can handle.

I can only make an exception when it comes to walking dogs in a group if you have more than one dog which requires walking. I feel it would be appropriate under these circumstances to walk them together.

If they live together and know each other, many of the issues that may arise in group walks consisting of dogs not known to each other would be irrelevant. You will also be pleased to hear that I will only charge half the price for each additional dog.

Meeting You And Your Dog

The first and most crucial step in my work is to meet you and your dog. This will involve a home visit so we can all get to know each other. Every dog is different, with their individual personalities, preferences, and character traits. I want to learn all I can about your dog, so the more I know, the more I can fulfill their needs and requirements. At this introductory meeting, I will learn your dog’s likes and dislikes while we bond and play so that I can give him or her the most enjoyable time possible on the walks.

dog training. Everything I learn will be logged into a “Doggy Diary” specifically created for your dog. The diary will be updated regularly with information about the walks. There are also other methods I use to track your dog’s walks and progress, which you find on the FAQs Page.

On average, this meeting takes around thirty minutes and is entirely free of charge. I also offer a Free One-Hour Walking Session after the meeting, or this can be set up on a different day if it isn’t convenient for you at the time. I will always suggest that you come along for this first walk if you can.

Accompanying me as I walk your dog gives you the chance to see how we get along, and to see if your dog is enjoying the time that it is spending with me. I do encourage you to do this because it will give you some peace of mind that your dog and I are going to become firm friends.